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The website, "", is on a mission. It's goal is to expose people to the bible thru a song format.

Joe Bolf, a follower of Jesus for many years, realized that  many people, including Christians, think the bible too hard to understand and never attempt reading it. Or read it very little.

Bolf found that even theology books like Romans and Galatians seem to come to life when sung to music. He is hoping that many people who would never open a bible or who read it very little will be exposed to it thru the exciting and entertaining format of song.

The Bible Rocks website was created to encourage any musician or band to begin recording the bible sung to music and to provide a home for them.

Bolf's band, the Joe Bolf Band, uses a rock / blues style of music. He looks forward to other bands using a variety of music styles. People have different tastes in music. Bolf looks forward to the day when there will be many links on this site for many different bands.

Musicians who would like to join him in this effort will soon discover that modern bibles are under copyright. Bolf spent a couple of months communicating with a bible publisher trying to understand how to put the bible to song without violating copyright, yet staying true to scripture. He shares this information on the site for musicians who would like to pursue this.

Joe Bolf Band Audio Bible USB Flashdrive

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The Joe Bolf Band was formed in 2011 as a recording band, not a performing one.


Joe Bolf supplies Tenor Sax, guitar, keyboards, percussion and vocals. Lisa Cantara supplies bass and vocals. Six other female vocalists take turns with the harmony.


The bands passion is recording the bible sung to Rock / Blues music that Bolf writes.


Joe Bolf is a woodcarver and carves wood panels to use as album covers.


In September 2019, at age 73, Bolf realized that he had recorded the New Testament and enough of the Old Testament to present the recordings as an Audio Bible. The first “Audio Bible Sung To Rock Music”.


30 albums, 296 songs, 32 hours of music. All on a USB flashdrive.

Bolf also launched this website for all musicians / bands that are interested in recording the bible sung to music.


The word of God is sharper than a two edged sword. Even when sung to Rock music.

" Let My People Go"

The story of Moses

and the Exodus

05 Let My People Go - Joe Bolf Band
00:00 / 00:00
10 Red Sea - Joe Bolf Band
00:00 / 00:00


‘Joe has turned some of our Bible story images into some wonderful wood carvings. What an artistic talent and creative musician too.’

The FreeBibleimages team.

Hey Rock music fans, Let me introduce you to a different way to hear the Bible.  Joe Bolf and crew  have produced the Bible, not READ but sung with rock music as the vehicle to carry the word.  With a "Dylanish" sound , a Great musical team and a commitment to having people hear the Bible , Joe has undertaken this great feat with his usual style.  


Pastor Steve Nute,Vice president of the  Biker Bible Institute, Producer of "You Ponder That"

The Bible to Rock Music...Really! Yes, really! Joe came to faith in Christ the first Sunday He stepped into The Church of the Open Bible in Greenville, Maine where I was pastor in the mid seventies. It seems like Joe was always music man. Now Joe has put the Living Word of God to Rock music, now that’s some cool. I like it Joe! Blessings brother.


David King:  Church planter; Pastored Hollis Center Baptist Church for 25 years; Adjunct  Professor at the New England Bible College; Missionary with SEND international for 15 years; Served as Seminary Pastor at KIEV Theological Seminary; Pastored The Living Vine International Church in the Ukraine

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